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Asbestos Inspection - also referred to as Surveys within Code Rule 56, are required by New York State, OSHA, and EPA prior to renovation or demolition. The asbestos inspection is the first step of the abatement process. The quality of the inspection report will directly affect every subsequent step. An asbestos inspection needs to identify the quantity, location, friability and condition of all asbestos installations throughout the affected portion of the building. With asbestos used in such a variety of installations, an asbestos inspector must have a solid understanding of building systems and construction techniques. Failure to identify all installations of asbestos containing materials occurs all too frequently in today's competitive market. This causes potential asbestos exposure incidents for construction personnel and building occupants, along with exposing the building owner or manager to costly cleanups and contractual change issues. At Aurora Environmental LLC, every asbestos inspection receives the personal attention of John Pusztay. John has the expertise and understanding of building systems and construction required to provide you with the best possible inspection report.

Air Sampling - Aurora Environmental LLC offers air sampling and project monitor visual inspection services to comply with New York Code Rule 56 and AHERA. We also assist contractors with OSHA compliance through developing and implementing personal monitoring and exposure assessment strategies.

Asbestos Project Design- A well written specification gives a clear understanding of the contractor's scope of work, and owner's expectations. This reduces bid disparities, and conflicts over ambiguous work scope. Aurora Environmental LLC has expertise in preparation of specifications, site specific variances and producing abatement drawings.

Asbestos Management and Planning- Removal of all asbestos from a facility is often not feasible, or even desirable. Allow us to develop an asbestos management plan to ensure regulatory compliance and the safety of your building occupants while managing asbestos containing materials in place.

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